Worst toys awards

Radar online has up the worst toys awards, featuring nearly a dozen bad toy ideas that still made it to market.


As soon as I saw the article title, I knew that one would make it. Reading on, I was quite astounded by this one:

Nothing says safety like an open hot plate. And nothing says fun like using that open hot plate to create molten, rubbery insects you can throw at your sister while narrowly avoiding setting the house ablaze. The 1964 Creepy Crawler Thingmaker from Mattel, a distant cousin of today’s Creepy Crawler toys, came with a series of molds, tubes of “plastigoop,” and an open-faced frier, which could heat up to a nerve-searing 310 degrees.

Heats up to 310 degrees? No wonder that got pulled. Guess that’s why I can’t find the old Hot Wheels car maker we had when I was a kid. Same premise, only the heated wax and car mold pouring bin were under a plastic shell.

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