Day: June 10, 2007

  • Shiny shiny

    Though labeled “A girl’s guide to gadgets,” I think you’ll find shiny shiny is in fact a good general guide to gadgets

  • The Mexi-cannon

    A cow-orker shared this product idea with me, and I figured I needed to pass it on. I know this will offend someone (and likely many someones), but I laughed enough to risk that. Bear witness to the Mexi-Cannon. It does just what you’d think. Illegal Mexicans got you down? You’d like to deport them, […]

  • Worst toys awards

    Radar online has up the worst toys awards, featuring nearly a dozen bad toy ideas that still made it to market. As soon as I saw the article title, I knew that one would make it. Reading on, I was quite astounded by this one: Nothing says safety like an open hot plate. And nothing […]