The Ubuntu ebook – free for your enjoyment

Have you thought about moving to Linux? Are you unsure what Linux distribution to try, or where to get help if you do attempt it? Well, the Open Source Project has Marcel Gagné’s Moving to Ubuntu Linux ebook available for free. It’s a hefty tome, hitting almost 500 pages, and some folks don’t like Gagné’s writing. I like reading his Linux Journal columns every month, and his personal web site is interesting to me, but you should check them out to see if you can handle him.

ubuntu_ebook.jpgDiscover Ubuntu, Today’s Hottest Linux

Everyone’s talking about Ubuntuit’s not just 100% free, it’s the most useful, practical desktop Linux ever! Now, Linux expert Marcel Gagné reveals Ubuntu’s amazing power and helps you migrate from Windows faster than you ever thought possible.

Moving to Ubuntu Linux will teach you how to do virtually anything with Ubuntuwrite documents, create spreadsheets, surf the Web, use email, listen to music, watch movies, and play games.

  • Install Ubuntu fast, with easy, step-by-step instructions
  • Take control, with the GNOME desktop environment and Nautilus file manager
  • Browse the Internet using Firefox, the powerful browser that’s quickly replacing Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Find and install all the software you’ll ever need, with Ubuntu’s powerful Synaptic package manager
  • Send email, track contacts, create calendars, and manage all your personal information with Evolution
  • Organize digital photos, rip music, burn and play CDs, watch movies, create graphics, and more
  • Discover the world of Linux games, and learn how to run Windows games on your Ubuntu PC
  • Set up an efficient, convenient network for your home or small business
  • Customize your desktop so it’s perfectly comfortable and totally efficient

So get over there and start reading. See if this is something you could take on. Consider the benefit of freeing yourself from paying Microsoft for new software every year or every time you want to upgrade. You’ll find that most things you do now can be done just as easily under Linux, and you only have to find one handy geek or one good book to figure out how to handle any of the (probably infrequent) problems you might have with Linux.

That said, however, don’t move to Linux just to move to Linux. I love Linux, but recognize that it just isn’t for everyone. Read a little of the book to get a feel for it and see if you might be interested though.

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