Of course, the nuts are everywhere

Famous person dies. Big funeral is planned. Lots of adoring followers/believers plan to attend. Lots of protesters will also probably attend – most likely with plans to disrupt the funeral – given who the subject in question is. One nut plans to bomb the protesters. Hey, bombing people who disagree with your point of view is a bit stupid. But bombing protesters when the funeral is for well-known, recently deceased Christian Jerry Falwell seems stupid and, well, rather un-Christian. Certainly not the kind of thing you’d expect from a Liberty University student either, is it?

A first-year Liberty University student was arrested in what police said was a plot to detonate explosive devices Tuesday, the day of the Rev. Jerry Falwell’s funeral.

Mark David Uhl’s intended target is unknown, authorities said.

ABC News reported the youth told authorities he had made the bombs — which were found in his car — to stop protesters from disrupting Falwell’s funeral. (Read the story about Falwell’s funeral)

My first thought when I read this was to see what some of the political bloggers I read had to say about it. Ace of Spades posted it, corrected a misunderstanding, and left it stand along with the error and correction. I was surprised to find that Daily Kos didn’t have anything on the story. I was a bit disappointed to find out the Michelle Malkin didn’t mention it either. Now why surprise on Daily Kos and dissappointment with Michelle Malkin? Well, for one thing, I’ve found Ms. Malkin more likely to post stories that drift from the conservative norm when she disagrees with the stance. Daily Kos, while often having articles I enjoy reading, definitely stays the liberal line.

This is a story that basically showed a nut from what one would guess is more likely to be a conservative standpoint. And Ms. Malkin has shown in the recent past that stories of nuts are newsworthy when involving probable political motives. In this case, I thought the nut was as newsworthy and as politically motivated, and expected Ms. Malkin to post. She probably didn’t see the story that way, but to me it looks like she’s just skipping the story because it’s a right-winger that is nuts this time. Of course, I’m a wannabe blogger with only a few hundred unique visitors a day, so you should assume I’m out of my mind and Ms. Malkin has good reason to skip it. I just view her so well in general that it doesn’t feel that way to me. I’ll quit my blather now.

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