Apple goes “Duh!” – gives users useful discount

Really, this is the kind of thing that is so obvious it seems some digital music provider would have already done this. I’ve complained about the lack of this feature before, and skipped purchasing online music in some cases because I didn’t see a store offer it. What the hell am I babbling about now? Why, Apple’s new complete my album purchasing option, naturally.

Apple(r) today announced Complete My Album(r), a groundbreaking new iTunes service that allows customers to turn their individual tracks into a complete album at a reduced price by giving them a full 99 cent credit for every track they have previously purchased from that album.

“Music fans can now round out their music collections by upgrading their singles into complete albums with just one click, and get full credit for those songs they have previously purchased from iTunes,” said Eddy Cue, Apple’s vice president of iTunes. “Complete My Album is a wonderful new way that iTunes helps customers grow and enjoy their music collections.”

. . .

Complete My Album offers customers up to 180 days after first purchasing individual songs from any qualifying album to purchase the rest of that album at a reduced price. When users buy any song on iTunes the corresponding album will immediately appear on their personalized Complete My Album page with the reduced price listed. For example, a user who’s already purchased three 99 cent singles and decides to buy the corresponding $9.99 album would be able to download the remaining songs to complete the album for just $7.02, without having to buy the singles again.

See? It’s a “Duh!” feature for people who like to legally acquire music for our portable media devices. (via CrunchGear)

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