A coulrophobes dream game?

Joystiq has recent coverage on a cool new game sure to bring a smile to many coulrophobes: clowns falling down stairs. Billed as the ultimate physics game, one of the brains behind the game explains why it will succeed.

Yesterday, in his talk at the Independent Games Summit, Matthew Wegner beat up clowns. To be specific, he showed a physics sim clip of a dozen full-costumed clown ragdolls tumbling helplessly down a spiral staircase. Wegner, head of the physics game site Fun-Motion, called clowns falling down stairs “the ultimate physics game.” Why? Because it’s a lot easier to identify with clowns in peril then, let’s say, a bunch of shapes. Besides, it’s just hilarious. Later on, Wegner also showed a sim of a few hundred cows falling through a mess of painful looking barriers. Also very excellent.

Physics, clowns, and stairs. Really, what else do you need?

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