Investigating Leeroooooooy Jennnkinnsssssss!

Not too long ago, I posted a link to the video which gave rise originally to the Leroy Jenkins ‘net meme. Today, I find that Westworld has recently done an in-depth article on Leroy and the real person behind the character. The author talks to Ben Schulz, the man who is Leroy Jenkins, and finds out a little about how the character game to be. He even asks if the video was for real, or if the Leroy Jenkins kamikaze assault in the instance was staged for the video.

There’s nothing Ben Schulz can do to stop the whispering. Tonight’s like all the other nights — except that Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind World of Warcraft, has recently released its first expansion, The Burning Crusade, and gamers can now advance ten more levels in the game than were possible before. Ben is sitting in the cramped, chatchke-filled back room of the house where he grew up in Lafayette, laboring away at World of Warcraft on his mom’s Dell computer