Gore may be receiving honorary doctorate

I read this bit about Gore possibly receiving an honorary doctorate in the near future. I saw this on Ten Jack Ten, which I just started reading, after seeing it linked by Bill at DubiousQuality.

Former Vice President Al Gore could pay a visit to the University in the near future to receive an honorary degree for his work in climatology.

. . .

“He’s in the news and is a legitimate expert on a pressing issue of global concern, climate change, so this level of interest is understandable,” Wolter said. “However, no plans have been set and it’s unlikely that would occur this spring.”

And the reaction from the Ten Jack Ten owner?

An “expert,” eh? If this is an expert, we’re going to need a new word that indicates someone has extensive personal knowledge of a subject area. Heaven forbid he starts running around demanding his “credentials” be cited everywhere like Bill Cosby did for a while.

And more. Read the original article at mndaily.com and the full reaction at Ten Jack Ten.

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