How to win the sympathy verdict from a jury

During jury selection, perhaps it would be wise not to do this:

A lawyer who was stabbed by his client during jury selection in the man’s rape trial will be asked to step down from the case.

Superior Court Judge Charles Grabau said Wednesday he will ask attorney John Courtney to withdraw from the trial of Che Sosa, who allegedly stabbed Courtney with a sharp, makeshift weapon made out of Plexiglas Tuesday.

To me, the most surprising thing is that a lawyer would have to be asked to stop representing some scumbag that just stabbed him. But then, he is a lawyer. (via Fark)
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Leading governments are fueling terrorism

Slowly but surely, other countries’ governmental leaders are realizing that the secrecy and anti-Islamic behavior of many of the worlds leading governments are in part responsible for the growth of world-wide terrorism. From Canada’s Security Intelligence Service head:

Canada’s spy master, of all people, is warning that excessive government secrecy and draconian counterterrorism measures will only play into the hands of terrorists.

“The response to the terrorist threat, whether now or in the future, should follow the long-standing principle of ‘in all things moderation,’ ” Jim Judd, director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service, said in a recent Toronto speech.

He admitted officials do not yet fully understand a crucial element in combating terrorism — the process of radicalization that can lead individuals, especially young Muslims raised in Canada and other democracies, to embrace terrorism.

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