iPhone too expensive, may sell poorly

I believe this recent survey, which shows people largely aren’t willing to spend $500 for the iPhone, should surprise almost no one. Just as unsurprising, at lower price points, the number of people willing to buy goes up.

Online market research firm Compete Inc. surveyed 379 people in the U.S., most of whom had heard of the iPhone and have shopped for an iPod, to find out how interested they are in the device to produce the uncommissioned report. The iPhone is a combined music player and cell phone that Apple plans to start selling in the U.S. in June.

Among the 26 percent of respondents who said they’re likely to buy an iPhone, only 1 percent said they’d pay $500 for it. When Apple introduced the iPhone in January, it said it would cost $500 on the low end.

This cost point factored in to my prediction of less-than-desired sales levels when the iPhone was first announced, although I called it based purely on an instinctive view of typical consumers and business buyers. If the price does drop significantly come launch day, then I’ll revise my prediction based on what Apple and Cingular do release the phone at. (via Electronista)

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