Samsung to introduce USB-connection-only LCD

This is not available for purchase yet, but Samsung has announced plans to ship an LCD that connects to your PC via USB only.

Known only as the 940UX, the 19-inch LCD would toss aside both DVI and VGA connectors to plug into a computer’s USB port. Instead of relying on a graphics chipset, the display would use the CPU to power its video. This would have the advantage of allowing as many LCDs as the computer’s USB ports and performance will allow, according to the French news outlet.

This won’t be a display for a gamer, as the display processing will be handled by your processor instead of your video card. Still, for a typical office-worker desktop, this could be really handy. To get extra display area, you just need to plug one of these in to a USB port, load the drivers, configure multi-display in Windows, and use it. There is no system to open, no extra card to install, and no cost beyond the price of the LCD. While there are other ways to add display area for a user, it’s hard to imagine a much simpler way to add display space to the typical office-user computer. And honestly, I wouldn’t mind having one or two of these around just in case I need to add to a system at home. (via crunchgear)

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