Next-gen Hi-Def disc formats cracked?

We’ll let the torrent freaks give us the scoop on this:

The HD-DVD has been cracked, and high definition content is now being distributed freely over BitTorrent. We all knew this would happen sooner or later, looks it was “sooner”. The first HD-DVD to be uploaded to BitTorrent is Serenity, the Firefly movie.

One of the functions of these new formats is the ability to lock out players with known cracked keys.  I wonder if somehow this (mighty damn early) break of the “security” of the formats will lead to some players not working with future discs.  The crack occurred because those distributing the movies were able to find decryption keys for the movies, and I’m just wondering if this somehow will cause changes to keying in future movies that will break compatibility with current players.

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The greatest threat you face when you fly is the federal government

Thankfully, I am not the only person who thinks airport security is getting worse instead of better.

Are you more afraid of airport security procedures than of terrorism? Do you think the Department of Homeland Security is out of their minds? If so, you aren’t alone. Here are three reports from recent air travelers of the lunacy they encountered at the airport security checkpoint.

Stories of loss of a Disney doll, confiscation of two nearly-empty tubes of toiletries, and noticing the disposal of threatening moisture in trash bags a few feet from the screeners.

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