Death by too-much-water

Trying to win a Nintendo Wii for her children, Jennifer Strange dies from water-intoxication.

28-year-old Jennifer Strange of Rancho Cardova, CA was found dead inside her home on Friday afternoon after competing in a radio station-sponsored competition which pitted hopefuls against one another for the prize of Nintendo’s latest and greatest. Instead of competing on the playing fields of Wii sports or the Japanese streets of Red Steel, however, contestants gathered inside the studios of Sacramento’s KDND The End to see who could drink the most water without urinating. The ridiculously-titled “Hold Your Wee for a Wii” contest had entrants imbibe eight ounces of water every fifteen minutes for 90 minutes, after which they were given larger portions until a winner emerged. Ms. Strange — who did not win — left the studio in tears, and she was last heard from by her employers at Radiological Associates of Sacramento complaining of a terrible headache. Autopsy results released yesterday showed signs of water intoxication, wherein the body’s electrolyte levels are dangerously unbalanced due to a rapid intake of the seemingly harmless liquid.

No jokes from me – that’s pretty tragic. I’d never even heard of water intoxication until I heard this story on the radio this morning.

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