Early contender for parent of the year?

Sometimes, you just find people who have an almost supernatural talent for parenting. I’m thinking these folks are on the other end of that spectrum.

A 12-year-old girl’s account on her MySpace.com page led to her father and stepmother’s arrests yesterday on child abuse charges, Maryland State Police said.

The girl, who lives in Florida, wrote on the Internet site that the couple had given her cocaine and marijuana several times while she was visiting them over the holidays at their home in Kent County, according to police.

. . .

They were charged with two counts of child abuse and one count of contributing to delinquent conditions of a minor child. He was being held yesterday on $10,000 bond and his wife on $3,000 bond.

Unfortunately, current laws do not appear to allow charging people with additional counts of stupid, nor adding fines for idiocy. Hopefully this young girl doesn’t have her life screwed up because of this.

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