Apple TV failure predicted

I’ve never seen this site before but found it while searching for a bit of news about the newly announced Apple TV talked about at CES. That means I have no idea how good or bad the predictions are here, but with a site named TV Predictions, hopefully there is some decent insight which would lead them to say Apple TV will be another ‘Steve Jobs Folly’ regardless of the name.

In 2005, Apple CEO Steve Jobs gushed that the 2.5-inch screen video iPod would revolutionize the TV industry.

Today, according to Nielsen Media Research, only two percent of all media used on the video device are actually videos. Consumers have decided that the device’s small screen isn’t suitable to watch TV, whether it’s primetime episodes or user videos.

However, Jobs has not satisfied his thirst to conquer the television world. The tech guru today unveiled Apple’s new iTV,

Jobs said the device will be renamed Apple TV. However, it will be another ‘Steve Jobs Folly’ regardless of the name.

. . .

Americans are tired of buying set-tops for TV-based purposes. They already have a DVD player; a cable and/or satellite set-top; possibly a standalone TiVo DVR and/or DVD recorder; and in some cases, a Audio/Video receiver connected to their TVs.

We shall see. I’m not all the hyped about Apple TV, but maybe I’m not seeing the market Jobs is seeing.

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