Wired’s Vaporware 2007 list

Another year, another vaporware of the year list from Wired. I like these lists, but after 6 years on the list, I think we can just drop Duke Nukem Forever – we all get the point by now.

10. Optimus-103 Keyboard

Last year, we noted that the Optimus Keyboard — an infinitely configurable input device with a tiny display screen on each key — would be a strong candidate for this year’s list because it was promised in 2006. Well, guess what — it never arrived, so the Optimus earns a spot for the first time.

All the rest of the list sucks, except maybe number 4 (Spore). Don’t read the list. Don’t bother. I’ve covered every important vaporware product they put on their list. Hopefully next year Wired will make a better list.

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