Sure, the occasional error happens

Mistakes happen. All the time. It’s no big deal. But put together a web site that tracks mistakes in print, and hilarity ensues. I’ve just started reading the site, but some of the media corrections and retractions are side-splitting funny (to my easily amused lazy rear). Go to Regret the error to find such corrections as:

Do not offend the superheroes

Our story about the the most popular Halloween costumes of the season, first published Oct. 14, misidentified the super-speedy The Flash and Boy Wonder superhero Robin as Marvel comics characters. In fact, they are DC Comics superheroes. We regret this error; it is against Bankrate’s policy, and just plain unwise, to cause offense to superhumans and superheroes

All, er, abolitionists look alike

In some Wednesday editions, a photo that ran on A-10 was misidentified as Harriet Tubman. The photograph was of Mary Ann Shadd Cary.

Fun with photos

State Rep. Carolyn Hugley (D-Columbus) is not among lawmakers who have fallen behind on paying state taxes. Hugley’s picture should not have run with a front page story Friday about the lawmakers’ tax problems. The photograph of Hugley was incorrectly identified as being that of Rep. LaNett Stanley-Turner (D-Atlanta), pictured here. According to the state, Stanley-Turner owes $2,122 in back taxes.

Admittedly, those might only be of interest to me. But then again, I write to the site for me, so I guess that’s OK.

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