Dead musicians sign copyright extension petition

Over in the UK, the legal folks decided to not extend current copyright protections from 50 years to 95 years. Naturally, some musicians were upset. Moreover, some businesses that benefit financially from the legal monopolies they hold as a result of copyrights were upset. In response, they all banded together to sign a petition asking the legal muck-mucks to reconsider.

Normaly, such a thing would be one good way to go about trying to institute change. The folks behind this push, however, might get in a little trouble. I’m not sure if they’ll get in trouble for zombification of the dead, or for forging signatures. One way or another, however, those folks got some long dead musicians and artists, as well as quite a few non-British musicians and artists to supposedly sign on. And then got caught. Ooops. (via boingboing)

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