Finally, some potentially good news for PS3 fans

There’s been a lot of negativity around the PlayStation 3 (I’m guilty of some, since there have been a lot of problems with the PS3 so far), but here’s something that honestly seems like good news to me (if it is true). According to an Electronics Arts exec, current games for the PS3 are only using around 20% of the consoles potential. That means that these games, as good as they look and as well as the play, are truly just a very early glimpse at what PS3 owners have to look forward to. Given the difficulties of developing for the PS3 that I’ve read, I’m inclined to believe this. Maybe 20% is a low guess, but it is potentially accurate. So think what the PS3 will be offering you in 3-5 years.

“The whole industry knows it’s been a challenge; the PS3’s a very complex piece of equipment. On one hand it’s a challenge, on the other hand there’s tremendous potential in that box. I think it’s going to take developers a little while to figure out how to unlock that power.

We’ve got games coming out now where we feel we’ve hit maybe 20 per cent of the potential of PlayStation 3. We know the power’s there, but like any new platform it’s going to take us a little bit of time to unleash it.

So we shall see what 2nd and 3rd wave games are like and see how accurate this is, shall we not? (via Kotaku)

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