Is Sony overextending itself?

…I think Sony, frankly, suffers a little bit from this problem, which is they’re spread really thin across all these areas. And trying to do PSP, competing with Nintendo, PSP to DS; competing with us, 360 to PS3, I think it does strain — it would naturally strain any organization.

This rather insightful comment was made by Microsoft’s Entertainment division president Robbie Bach. In a recent interview discussing the entertainment division’s projects, he suggests that Sony is overextending itself (obviously). Something historical about land wars in asia and fighting on two fronts comes to mind. So the question is, is this suggestion valid? Is Sony really overextending by trying to fight in the console space against Microsoft and Nintendo, the portable console space against Nintendo, and win the next-generation video disc standard? It certainly seems likely, and the recent struggles Sony has had are evidence of this.

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