Robot uprising – marching closer every day

Consider avoiding Florida in the not-too-distant future. The University there is working on a $3.64 million project for the Army, creating robots capable of engaging enemies on the battlefield alongside our human military men and women.

The one-year deal would lay the foundation for creating “a combat force of humans and robots” and investigating “how robots and soldiers might work together” more effectively in the battlefield, project officials said.

With the emergence of unmanned aerial vehicles, bomb detectors and other machines, the use of robotics in combat is expected to become more pervasive in the future, said Michael Barnes, an Army research psychologist who will monitor work on the Florida contract.

He said the key results expected from this project are threefold:

  • Producing advanced software allowing military commanders to control large numbers of robots simultaneously.
  • Analyzing robot-human interaction and designing robots with maximum human-friendliness.
  • Establishing labs specifically geared to advanced robotics work.

They left off “Seed robot combatants amongst our military to determine the human’s capability for resisting the coming robot uprising.” But I’ll point that out for my visitors, even though they are inherently smarter then even the above-average citizens of this planet.

All gun owners should consider upgrading to something more capable of taking out robots – I recommend something with EMP capabilities – at least until the robots miniturize existing EMP protection technologies into a robot mountable device.

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