City of Heroes – what is this power?

OK, this one is just for the City of Heroes folks.  What power makes these green circles on the ground?


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5 thoughts on “City of Heroes – what is this power?”

  1. Wow…never seen that. If I had to guess, it’s a bio nuke on low particle count, but I dunno.

  2. Not transfusion or healing flames. I have both of those powers, and even used both with different characters during the Halloween event. While I have my particle count turned, neither causes the circles on the ground that I’m curious about. I do appreciate the feedback from everyone who has made suggestions.

    Guess I’ll just have to try out my arrow characters at higher levels and see if I can find the power. I’m pretty sure the person who did that was TA/A, so I’ll try those powers out when I get high enough to see them all.


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