Hamster manual – not what you expect

Sometimes these flashbacks in scientific history that the Modern Mechanix blog gives us just make me laugh. Most recently, I was catching up with MM posts when I found this old advertisement from the April, 1948 Popular Science magazine for the hamster manual. Apparently, back in the 40s, when people thought of hamster manuals, they did think of them in the same way we might in our perverted modern society:


The most complete guide book on the successful breeding and raising of Syrian Golden Hamsters. Tells all about this new, fast growing, profitable and interesting hobby industry. Reveals all the secrets of the largest breeder of these delightfully profitable pets and laboratory animals. 34 Chapters chuck-full of information gleaned from actual experience as a breeder. Twenty Pages of illustrations. A few subjects are: history, housing, three methods of breeding, easy to get feeds, sexing, fertility vitamins, handling, educational, scientific projects, crating, profits and selling, where to buy and how to sell hamsters. Sent postpaid for $1.00.

Albert F. Marsh, 1524 Basil St., Mobile, Alabama

Now there is that brief mention of sexing the hamsters, but that looks to be in reference to breeding the hamsters with other hamsters. No mention of cardboard tubes or other oddities we think about in modern times. Because they weren’t naughty perverts back then like we are now – especially you…

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