Tattoos affect skin sensitivity

This really is a useless swig of information for most people, I suppose. A psychologist in Colorado, Todd Allen, has determined that tattooed areas of skin are less sensitive than non-tattooed areas of skin.

University of Northern Colorado psychologist Todd Allen tested 21 undergraduates who had gotten tattoos within the last couple years, most commonly on their lower back for females and upper arm for males, and found tattooed areas were less sensitive than matching non-tattooed areas.

Allen tested sensitivity with an aesthesiometer-a sort of caliper with two plastic points. The points were gradually moved closer together on the skin until the person could only feel one point of pressure instead of two. Tattooed individuals felt this point sooner on their tattoo than on the same part of the corresponding non-tattooed body part.

By the way, these tattoos on the lower back are called tramp stamps, and if I ruled the world, all hawt chicks would be required to get them just to please me and my love of the freaky chicks. Just to add some additional useless knowledge to the post.

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