On 9/11

I’ve been reading a lot of 9/11 information – official government reports, cospiracy theorist musings, average joe thoughts, and so on. While looking for the official 9/11 commission report on Amazon, I came across this post concerning the 9/11 report and a question on why the WTC tower 7 collapse was not mentioned in the report. Here’s a big chunk of the (prettified by me) unformatted first post of one discussion.

You could buy “The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions and Distortions” – but do you really need to? One little picture named wtc7.gif, you can easily find it on the web, makes it perfectly clear that WTC 7 was blown up in a controlled demolition. That one picture is worth way more than the couple hundred thousand lying words in this flagrant government cover-up.

wtc7.gif (I’m posting the image, so you don’t have to search for it)

If WTC 7 wasn’t an inside job, then why did the report cover it up? Because they have not even the shadow of an explanation for the WTC7 implosion.

So why would they take such a risk? In my opinion, the 4th plane was supposed to hit building 7, but the remote control failed. Silverstein, owner of WTC 7 and brand new leaseholder of the WTC, wanted to demolish all 3 buildings under cover of 9/11, and he was too greedy to let WTC7 go. So it was pulled down at 5:30 p.m. on 9/11, before darkness would make the explosive flashes of the demolition charges too easily visible.

And so we have the biggest smoking gun on the most outrageous false flag terror act in history. Without WTC7, it wouldn’t be quite so obvious that the Twin Towers were controlled demolitions too.

This report, like the new United 93 flick, is a litany of lies, a cunning fictionalization of that outrage. There were no Arabs on the passenger lists, nor on the airport security videos, nor in the DNA retrieved from the wreckage. Because they were framed to create a war pretext, like the Gulf of Tonkin, the Mexican War, the USS Maine, the Mukden incident, ad nauseam. It was all an inside job.

Forget this drivel, unless you want to be even more brainwashed. Get 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA and find out what really happened instead.

If we dissidents are wrong, you have nothing to lose by listening to us. But if we are right, you risk losing all your freedoms by ignoring the menace within.

Sweetness. Remote controlled airplanes, no middle-easterner DNA, no Arabs on the passender lists nor airport security videos? All that combined sounds to me like evidence of the start of the robot uprising. I mean, that plane crash in a Pennsylvania field was probably caused by a malfunctioning robot, not terrorists driving the plane into the ground. I do wonder about those phone calls from people on board the planes, though. I guess all of them were put into the witness protection program after feeding pre-scripted lines to their call-recipients so they couldn’t expose the cover-up, either. Or maybe President Bush just pulled a President Clinton style murder cover-up (that’s another popular conspiracy theory, BTW) after either masterminding or agreeing to the 9/11 attacks.

It’s a very entertaining discussion, and whether you believe the official story or the conspiracy theorists, it is worth reading some of the unofficial sources of news and analysis. More on this at some point in the future when I have time and inclination.

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