Slowdown in posting

There’s been quite a slowdown in posting lately (again). I’ve been trying to get the content out here, but I’ve had so many people interrupting my site work time that I’m not getting much put together. I have a bit I’m working on discussing the lies the liberals are telling you about Social Security, but it is slow going – I’m not sure I’ll have it out in time to inform you before you vote on Tuesday. I’m also preparing a massive post or three with do it yourself and “Hey look at this” links to a lot of really cool stuff to come from the MAKEzine folks – readers and magazine authors. Naturally, I have more to say about airline security, terrorism news, and such nonsense as I see it – I’ll probably always have rants about those topics. Beyond that, I’m not sure what other posts I’ll work on and get up to the site, but I will begin catching up on some content soon.