Day: October 26, 2006

  • Fan created KOTOR2 patch in production

    Keep an eye on The Sith Lords Restoration Project for details on this user made KOTOR2 update

  • Burning Crusade delayed

    News to exactly zero of the people who have ever waited on a game from Blizzard to ship is this release that World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade has been delayed until January 2007. Over the past 17,000 years, Blizzard has shipped, I believe all of NO games on time. I could be wrong about […]

  • Today in History – Gaming news

    I don’t recall the exact date, but word from Kotaku is that today in 1997 Microsoft released Age of Empires. This was the 2nd Real Time Strategy (RTS) game I ever really got in to. Warcraft was my 1st. [tags]Today in gaming history, Age of Empires originally released today in 1997[/tags]

  • PS3 gets FCC approval

    Well, the PS3 has received FCC approval. This means all that stands between you and a PS3 on launch day is, well, having the $2500 it will take to buy one off ebay, since I’m sure you’re not one of the lucky (fewer than) 500,000 in the US who got a pre-order in on time […]

  • Zoho launches ZohoX

    Online productivity company Zoho recently launched online virtual office, Zohox

  • Man to man social networking

    ManJam, the social networking site for men seeking men. Yes, my readers don’t need this, but I thought the name was funny enough to post it.

  • Black Friday approacheth

    If you aren’t already doing it, you should probably start watching the Black Friday deal sites (my favorite is GottaDeal, but google will show more) to see what deals you can get on Friday after Thanksgiving. [tags]Black Friday deals[/tags]

  • Get Paint.NET

    It’s time to update your Paint.NET application to version 3.0. Thumbs-up from TechCrunch

  • Tech Crunch proselytizing Scrybe?

    New online organizer Scrybe is getting some early, brief press from TechCrunch

  • Count your votes

    This feels a little too true, given the recent problems many places have had with voting machines. (via tingilinde) [tags]Voting machines, Counting your votes[/tags]