Harry Potter gettin’ nekkid?

Daniel Radcliffe wants people to think more of him than just “Hey, it’s Harry Potter!” So next year he is performing on stage in the drama “Equus” including one scene done in the buff. So actually, the headline should be “Daniel Radcliffe gettin’ nekkid?” but that wouldn’t have been a sensationalism whore’s proper way to post, so I went with the less accurate title.

“Part of me wants to shake up people’s perception of me, just shove me in a blender,” he told the magazine in an exclusive interview on the set of the fifth Harry Potter film, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.”

. . .

In “Equus,” Radcliffe will play a “troubled young man with a religious-erotic obsession with horses,” the magazine reported.

It seems like only yesterday I was reporting on some other people with similar issues.

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