Barbies ideas that didn’t make it

This is an idea I had way back that I asked for some input from co-workers to build.  Most of the ideas came from them, with just a couple from me.  I have others that were suggested, but I’ve lost them over time or felt they were a bit more than I cared to post.  I try to keep the site from going to over the edge.  I believe the others who contributed thought this would never get posted.  I kept meaning to add more models, but never got back and always forgot my good ideas by the time I did.
Oh, and yes, I expect someone, somewhere, will be offended by this.  To which I say, I’m truly, truly, very much unconcerned with your inability to have a sense of humor with a dark side.

  • Crack-addict Barbie – With vacant eyes, overly pale complexion, and waifish figure
  • Meth-lab Barbie – With singed eyebrows and jittery eyes
  • Anorexia Barbie – With binge and purge scheduling calendar and journal
  • Back-door Barbie – With bendable joints for authentic positions and an extra tube of lube
  • MILF Barbie – a regular barbie with 2 smaller Barbie children
  • Internet chat Barbie – Barbie voice box in a authentic looking 40 year old balding fat man
  • She-male Barbie – With large breasts and, adam’s apple, and male genitals

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