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Thanks to Tim, a former co-worker and the recently mentioned “A reader” in a previous post, for this news of criminal idiocy:

Sometimes people really do get what’s coming to them. Brothers Jared and Cooper Colwell and two other men were sleeping at their home in Midvale, Utah last Tuesday, when a pair of ski-masked crooks busted into the house and demanded everyone’s cash, wallets, and cellphones. Sounds like your typical home invasion, except for the fact that Jared thought he recognized one of the burglar’s voices — it sounded like a friend of theirs named Randall Talbot who had previously crashed at their pad for a few weeks. Figuring they had nothing to lose, the men texted Jared’s cellphone with a message saying “Randy, I really want my phone back; I’ll pay you $300 for the phone right now” (must have been a Treo). If you’re stupid enough to rob your friend’s house it stands to reason that you might be stupid enough to collect a ransom on the stolen merchandise as well, and sure enough, Randy and his partner-in-crime Justin Brooks agreed to a meeting at the local Smith’s store. As you’ve probably guessed by now, the Colwells immediately called the cops, who were there to greet Randy and Justin as they emerged from behind a dumpster at the rendezvous point — reportedly poised to grab the $300 and take off. We tip our hat to you, soon-to-incarcerated cellphone thieves: out of the many stupid gadget criminals who have graced these pages, you two are by far the biggest idiots of them all.

Story originally from Engadget.

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  1. Any day now I will be getting a call from Pat– I just know it– and will no longer be a “former co-worker” but a “co-worker” once again.


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