Sirius Stiletto available for pre-order, but why?

While sirius-stiletto-hirez1.jpgcatching up on my gadget news recently, I stumble over this tidbit on Engadget, and I’m trying to figure out why people would buy this? Here’s what I understand – the Stiletto is a handheld satellite radio received which allows you to record your Sirius radio stream, storing up to 100 hours. I think it also lets you upload mp3s to the device for later playback. Some folks might even think it is sexy or something like that.

But it costs $349 for the wifi version and $249 for the non-wifi. And I just can’t understand paying that. Call me crazy, but if I pay $349 for something called a stiletto, it had better come with a hot red-head willing to engage in some serious scrotum stomping stiletto heel sadism. Can someone explain to me why people are all ape-nuts ga-ga over this?

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