The ever impressive brilliance of criminals

A co-worker of mine often comments that in general, criminals are not very bright. This story from Madrid gives one sample of the not-so-bright portion of the criminal population.

A Basque separatist prisoner on trial for threatening to kill a judge on Thursday told the presiding judge that he would shoot him and “skin him alive,” risking yet another jail sentence.

Ignacio Javier Bilbao Goikoetxea, a convicted murderer and member of armed separatist group ETA, kicked the dock’s bullet-proof screen and launched a torrent of abuse at judge Alfonso Guevara and Baltasar Garzon, the judge he had threatened at a previous trial who was appearing as a witness.

“If you’re a man, come here … I’m going to skin you alive. Come here if you’ve got the balls… I look forward to shooting you seven times when I get my hands on you,” the shaven-headed Bilbao Goikoetxea told Guevara in the Madrid courtroom.

You would almost feel sorry for someone who is that stupid, if it weren’t for your realization that their stupidity is what helps keep you safe.

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