Smart speed monitor gives speed and license plate

(via Engadget)


Drive too fast in the UK and you might get a more personal notice of it than you are used to seeing. A new speed checking device is being tested that not only puts up your speed, but if you are going too fast also puts up your license plate number. I’m guessing this wouldn’t work as well for a lot of US states, since many don’t have front license plates. But if this catches on over-seas, expect mandatory front license plates and the import of this gadget to keep an eye on more motorists. And shortly after, be prepared for automated tickets based on this device.

Highways consultant firm Atkins came up with the idea in a bid to boost safety for road workers. A radar detects the speed of oncoming cars and flashes the words ‘slow down’ and the reg plate of vehicles exceeding 55mph. In a trial on the M42 in the Midlands, almost half of drivers breaking the limit slowed.

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