Dumb crook news

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Today’s dumb crook news, courtesy Carroll County News Online.

BERRYVILLE – Two Berryville men have been charged with theft of property for allegedly stealing $1,200 worth of video games from Wal-Mart and selling them next door at the “Game Stop” store.

Kyle Ramer, 18, and Sam Hess, 21, were allegedly caught on camera removing video games from their cases and stuffing the games down their pants.

. . .

The link to Game Stop was discovered by Wal-Mart’s loss prevention person, Bartos said.

“While he was in Game Stop, he asked if they had any large amounts of video games come in, Bartos explained. “They said yes, and it all matched what had been taken.”

Wow!  Steal from Wal-Mart.  Go next door and sell to Game Stop.  Sheer genius!!!1!VWBUG!!  I’m signing up for whatever class these guys took to learn this.

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