Ancient ad gives sound advice

When I first saw this March 1940 advertisement from Popular Science magazine over on the Modern Mechanix blog, I thought it was a foreshadowing of my view of self. Then I realized it’s an ad concerning fire insurance. The thing is, the words of the ad (after the smart/dumb part) are still true today.

“For A Smart Man I’m Pretty Dumb”

“I never realized this until too late—every fire insurance policy states that a complete list of destroyed and damaged property must be supplied before insurance can be paid. I had insurance, but the fire we had caught me way off base. It’s too late now to make a complete list for insurance settlement.

“It would have been easy for me or my wife to make that list before we had a fire. There’s even a helpful booklet that lists things, room by room, and helps you remember articles that you might forget. The book is free. I . hope other families will be smarter than we were and get one of these books before it’s too late!”

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