PS2 gets pink and price drop, PSP to follow in color

Joystiq has mention of the current price drop for the PS2, from $149.99 to $129.99. pinkps2_sitting.jpgTo go with this, it seems Sony is releasing a pink model (at least, in Europe). I don’t get the draw of pink, but it worked for the RAZR phone, and I’m guessing it will work for the PS2. On top of this, it seems a pink PSP is in the future as well (again, at least in Europe).

Oddly, shortly after these posts were made on Joystiq, there was a post discussing the ever-important question of why there aren’t more female gamers? I was worried that I would read the article to find that companies thought it was because there weren’t enough pink consoles. Fortunately, I was wrong – instead, the lack of female developers gets the blame.


Set for release in Europe only – at the time of writing – the limited edition pink PlayStation 2 will hit shelves on November 8 this year, bundled with two pink DualShock controllers and a pink Memory Card.

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The pink PlayStation 2 will retail at €159.99 across coutries united by one glorious currency, while the UK can expect to fork out £129.99. Us Brit-types do get a copy of SingStar Pop bundled with the whole shebang, however.

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Set for release on October 27 in Europe only, the P!nk PSP Value Pack will cost €229, or £169. Anyone picking up the pack will gain access to exclusive P!nk-related downloads, courtesy of Sony’s service.

The mention of P!nk-related downloads refers to the collaboration with the artist Pink, by the way. So it looks like buying a pink PSP will get you some music by Pink to go with it. We’ll see how that all pans out when the Pink console is released closer to the end of the year.

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