Ultra-obsessive artists create ultra-realistic vector images

(via boingboing)

If you look carefully at these images, you can see that they are not real. But the images are exceptionally well done drawings of real things/people, and look pretty convincing to the casual glance. The first picture I looked at was a drawing of Angelina Jolie. If the skin weren’t so perfect, I’d not have noticed the eyebrows are just a little off, and thought it was a picture instead of a drawing. See all the images done by various artists and highlighted on blogspot at bansang panaginip’s page. Note that a few are not work-safe, so you might want to just send the link address to your home email for later perusal.
Here are a few that looked really well done to me and that are safe enough for work. Ignore my apparent hang-up with pictures of females…

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