Irish technology development company conquers laws of thermodynamics

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The Irish technology development company Steorn claims to have created a device which generates more power than it consumes.  Naturally, this hails the end of the oil dependence under which most of the world suffers.  Steorn is so confident in their little device that they have challenged a dozen of the world’s greatest scientists (as chosen by Steorn) to evaluate their product and attempt to disprove the limitless energy claim.

Now personally, I’m expecting an announcement that this technology is 5 to 10 years from shipping.  Around 2010, if the company is still around, we will hear that there are developmental delays, and *now* the product is 5 to 10 years from shipping.  Then, around 2016 to 2018, we’ll hear that the final problems have been worked out, and that the product will be available in 5 to 10 years.  And then the company will fade away.  But that’s just the pessimist in me.

More likely, the device will ship and then be used for the compression system that can compress arbitrary data a minimum of 10%.  With these two devices, we’ll be able to power the world and all data will be transmitted as one bit which will be perfectly decompressed and displayed on the receiving system (provided it has Steorn’s limitless energy supply device and the ultimate compression system from whoever is making that claim when the Steorn device doesn’t actually ship).

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