Even in the spider world, men are wrong

LiveScience.com has this article on the mating habits of a certain spider species (Physocylus globosus, if you must know).  “Now why in the world would this make you say men are wrong, Randy?” you might be thinking.  Well, because much like everything else we males do, the females instruct the males in how they are mating incorrectly.  And all you voyeuristic perverts can even watch the video and hear the audio of these 2 little critters getting it on.

While mating, female Physocylus globosus spiders emit high-frequency squeaks to let males know what they should be doing, a new study finds.

Female spiders are able to store sperm from different males inside their bodies and can choose which lucky male spider gets to fertilize her eggs. Squeezing stimulates the females and raises a male’s chances that his sperm will be selected.

“Males that squeezed females more often during copulation sired more offspring than males that squeezed less often,” said study team member William Eberhard of the Universidad de Costa Rica and the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.

However, if done too forcefully, the action can physically damage the female. If a male squeezes too hard or too long, the female squeaks to let him know to pick up the pace but to take it easy.

The finding will be detailed in an upcoming issue of the journal Animal Behavior.

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