Firefox inline autocomplete

One of the very few things I like about Internet Exploder Explorer is inline autocomplete. Every time I install Firefox on a system, I have to go look up how to turn on inline autocomplete for my Firefox install. Since I can never remember, I figure some other folks out there have the same problem. For those that have this issue, here’s the method necessary to turn it on. Damn, it’s simple.

  1. Type about:config in the Location Bar
  2. Right-click on the page and create a new boolean value
  3. Type browser.urlbar.autoFill
  4. Set the value to true

And you are done. I turn this feature on so often that I wish it were an built-in option so I didn’t have to manually add it. That, or have it default to on, and include instructions on the web for turning it off. But I’m guessing I’m in the minority for preferring it on, or it would default to on.

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