Cartooning for fun and profit

Folks, I’ve shown you how to get lessons for playing guitar Cowboy and Hawaiian style, as well as how to get lessons for playing the saw. I know some folks have already done these things, profitted tremendously, and are planning on soon giving me a large grant to support my wild lifestyle for the rest of my life. For those of you out there that haven’t quite reached that level of fame, might I suggest you get away from trying to succeed in music and instead start working on that cartooning career you’ve always wanted to try?


FREE BOOK Shows How To Make Money With Simple Cartoons
Cartooning, Commercial Art and Portrait Painting may open up a vast new future for you. You can now enjoy the thrill of a cartoonist’s popularity while earning. Our exclusive, revolutionary new inventions simplify and shorten students’ training time. Look at these sensational features that you get: LAUGH FINDER—COMIC CHARACTER CREATOR—MAGIC MARIONETTE, a sensational, yet simple device that will amaze you—also our new PORTRAIT COURSE just out-all at NO EXTRA COST. No previous art experience needed. 34 big lessons. Profusely illustrated. So simple even a sixth grade pupil can start learning first day.

Send no money, just name. Get booklet, “How to Make Money With Simple Cartoons”. Fascinating facts on your future in cartooning. Rush.

CARTOONISTS’ EXCHANGE, Dept. 351-D, Pleasant Hill, Ohio

By the way, this ad originally appeared in the January 1946 issue of Mechanix Illustrated. Thanks again to the Modern Mechanix web site for posting this tidbit.

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