New link standard

Not to long ago, I asked if visitors wanted new windows to open for links, or for everything to stay in the same window and links to immediately go to another page.  I only got one response, which was for new windows for all links.  After reading up more on usability guidelines and visiting more sites which use one of the two ways, I’ve decided I want to at least try leaving all links leading away in the current window.  For the next few days, some articles will have new windows, and some will use the existing window.  This is because news I’ve written and future dated hasn’t all cleared the pipeline yet.  As this clears, there will be more and more articles with in-window links.  I’m not settled on either choice yet, but I want to try not opening new windows and see how the site does.  Also, I’m looking for a plug-in for my blogging software which will allow visitors to chose which style they like, so this problem may go away.  If you feel strongly about one way or the other, please leave a comment to this post and let me know.