Weird signs

(via Neatorama)

Have you ever been on the phone with your wife, discussing something serious, like the kids painting everything in the living room, and started reading a web site with scads of weird signs that had you struggling to not laugh while your wife told you how rough her day has been? Well, I don’t recommend it, but if you can visit this gallery of weird signs sometime when it won’t interrupt a serious moment, I do recommend it. The signs are oddities on their own, but reading the commentary/imagined sign description really makes for some good laughs. Here are a couple, with the hosts comments.

Radioactive Animals.

radioactive-animals.jpgFrom a major university hospital which shall remain nameless. I wonder where the radioactive animals actually go?

Truth in Advertising

truth-in-advertising.jpgApparently the folks at Newcastle Tramway Authority know something about the next world that the rest of us don’t. Thanks to Mark

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