Springfield guide

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I’d heard of this in the past, but never looked it up nor posted about it any where. But recently, Neatorama linked to the map of Springfield site, and I finally decided it’s interesting enough that I need to post about it, too. For those not familiar with Springfield, it is the town where the Simpsons live (Bart, Marge, Homer, etc). The map of Springfield site has a huge, downloadable vector-based PDF Springfield map. Download this map if you want to search Springfield or print out an arbitrary sized map for your own use.

The mapping of Springfield began in the Spring of 2001 when we realized that no adequate map of Springfield existed either online or in print. Initially the content was collected from thespringfield-title.jpg City Profile and Springfield Vacation pages at The Simpsons Archive, but it has since been expanded by numerous viewings of most episodes of The Simpsons.

While the placement of most locations is arbitrary, many are placed according to where they appear in relationship to each other in specific episodes of The Simpsons. In some cases ‘one-time references’ to specific locations have been disregarded in favor of others more often repeated. Due to the many inconsistencies among episodes, the map will never be completely accurate.

Although we’d like our map to be as accurate as a map to any imaginary place can be, our main intent is to preserve the comic spirit of Springfield, document its unique identity, and to have some fun at the same time.

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If you don’t want to download the full map and search it in Adobe Acrobat, you can hit the secondary map page which has Springfield divided into nine slices for easier online viewing.

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