Top 10 obscure sports

(via Neatorama)
I’ll admit, I actually knew of some of these. But I’m into oddities, as you might have picked up on from reading this site. That said, check out’s top 10 list of obscure sports.

10) cabertossing.jpgWorld Highland games

These are the festivals held in Scotland that celebrate Celtic culture. Events like the Sheaf toss where you throw a bundle of straw, the stone put where you throw a rock, and the caber toss where you throw a tree. I think landscaping was evented here. Just a guess, but I think sometime in the 70’s human growth hormone was thrown into the mix, and the World Strongest Man competition was invented. The tree thing isn’t too suggestive, is it? Reminds me of my summers at camp thumping eagle.(Hi Mr. Oglethorpe)

. . .

4) rockpaper.jpgRock Paper Scissors League

This is a sport started on a dare…right? The U. S. Association of Rock Paper Scissors. That’s right, I said U.S. Association…damn proud. And of course, the lovely girls of the RPS. What do you think? Which network’s gonna snatch this one up? Spike? GSN? Oxygen? You know if it’s big, Oprah’s gonna get a taste…stay tuned.

 You might even find the number 1 “sport” rather peculiar – I know I did.  I also have to admit being intrigued by their Top 10 Violent Movie Deaths article, so you might want to check that out while you are there.

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