Major downtime/outage issue

For reasons currently unknown to me, my site disappeared yesterday around 14:00 Central time.  I contacted my hosting service’s support desk and opened a ticket.  I have yet to get a response, which is disturbing to me for a site that advertises a 24×7 support desk.  Because I love the work I am doing on the site now, I didn’t want to remain down any longer than necessary for the situation.  As a result, I have procured new hosting and moved the site.  From an article standpoint, almost nothing was lost, as I had updated less than 90 minutes before the server went down and only made 2 article changes after that.  I had made some configuration changes to the site, which must now be redone, but otherwise, everything is basically back up and running on my new host (  As I only had a database backup, however, the images must be uploaded and linked to their articles again before everything will be working.  Expect image updates over the next few days, and hopefully by the end of the week, everything will be as it was Friday, plus whatever articles I can get added while fixing everything else.

I apologize for the downtime, but hopefully with my newer host, this won’t be an issue again.  They come highly recommended from a couple of hosting forums I visit, so I’m optimistic no further troubles will be seen.