New feature – sideblogging

I’ve been looking for a good way to do short posts that are not much more than a few words and a link – what the blogging world calls asides.  None of the themes I’ve tried over the past few months have handled the previous ‘asides’ tool I was using very gracefully, so I finally shut it off.  This week, I’ve found, installed, and been using the sideblogging tool for WordPress.  If you check out the right sidebar, you’ll see a new category at the bottom labelled “Asides” for all these short posts.  I’ll be playing around with this over the next few days.  One thing to note is that any post which is tagged for sideblogging will not show up in the main page’s posts.  I doubt much will change in this as I work on it, but you may occasionally see a change or three until I get the sideblogs how I want them.

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