UK scientists working to restore sight

(via Engadget)
In an effort to improve the lives of those who have lost their sight, scientists in the UK are working on an electronic optical implant that will give vision back to the blind.

Technology similar to that found in devices like digital cameras could be in use within a decade.

Dr Mathieson said: “By implanting a device into the eye, we hope we will be able to fool the brain into believing the retina is still in working order.”

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Dr Mathieson said: “Advances in microelectronics have allowed us to develop a small device to be implanted on the retina itself.

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The implant prototype has 100 pixels but the team hope that number will increase significantly as their work progresses.

Dr Mathieson, said: “Around 500 pixels would allow people to walk down the street and recognise faces.

The 10-year availabilty is a concern to me, but I really want this technology to come through. I always see stories of technology that is 10 years off and assume it’s at least double that, and likely further out. Just think of how many technology products that are 5 years away never even arrive. So I’m a bit dubious of this claim, but I do expect eventually this will come to pass.

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