Day: July 13, 2006

  • Slow times

    Between illness, travel, and spending time with the wife and children, I’ve had even less than typical spare time to work on the site.  I have tried to at least get a couple of articles up per day these past few days, but I’ve fallen short.  I’m going to be on travel the next couple […]

  • Automated Master Lock crackers

    I don’t link to Hack-a-Day very often, which is shameful on my part, as it’s an excellent site.  The latest article that caught my eye is one on Master Lock automated “cracking” machines.  And if you aren’t interested in the robotic crackers, there’s a link to a guide on opening these locks yourself in about […]

  • Auto fuel from cow manure

    My, what those Germans won’t do to stay ahead of the energy crisis!  In this case, it’s looking to cow manure as a source of energy.  Of course, in this instance, this Modern Mechanix posting shows us the Germans were doing this in 1949.  But maybe the whole technology will make a big come back […]