Dollar based shirts

(via MAKE ezine blog)

Money origami is what this is. The directions are a little funky-reading at the important step of adding sleeves to the creation, but the end result is a pretty slick looking folded bill that looks like a shirt. I’ve tried this, and am pleased with the results. I want to add a clarifying point to the original creator’s guide:

Gently unfold the previous two folds, keeping the creases. On the lateral fold furthest from the collar, refold it strait across as shown. (On the flatbed scanner, this made a bit of a mess of it, but it is fairly easy in 3D.)

At this step in the guide, the picture shows a bill with the entire top edge unfolded.  I couldn’t make a sharp fold in the bill and keep the whole thing flat.  After fiddling around a bit and reading the next step, I realized that at this point, the bill didn’t need to be pressed flat while doing the step.  So fold the entire top end of the bill so it is squared off as shown in the creator’s pictures without keeping the paper flat until after the following step.

And that is not clear, either.  Just work through with the pictures and the guide and keep in mind that at the step I’ve highlight, getting the bill squared off is necessary and means the paper won’t be flat until you finish the step that follows it.

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